Discover the live rodeo events we host

One thing's for sure - you won't get tired of seeing the same show at our local rodeo. We offer a range of events, including:

Bareback Riding

This age-old rodeo event places contestants on a bucking animal, holding on one-handed to a simple leather "riggin.'" Riders are judged on their technique and ability to hold on, and the animal is marked on its ability to buck. 100 points are possible for each ride.

Saddle Bronc Riding

In this event, contestants hop onto a saddle and ride a bucking horse, holding on to just one rein. These highly talented horses are rated on their ability to buck, while the rider is judged on technique and ability to hold on. 100 points are possible for each ride.

Calf Roping

During this event, a rider tries to throw a loop around a calf, run to it and tie it in a matter of seconds. The world record stands at just over six seconds!

Breakaway Roping

This event is for the cowgirls. Similar to calf roping, contestants will try to throw a loop around a calf. Once the rope has tightened and the flag on is raised, the clock is stopped and the cowgirl has finished her task.

Steer Wrestling

In this challenge, a rider chases down a steer from atop a horse. Then, they must drop to the steer and wrestle it to the ground. All of this takes place in just a matter of seconds.

Team Roping

During this event, the header will try to rope the neck or horns of a steer. Once the steer is caught by the header, his partner, the heeler, must catch both back feet for a qualified time. A plus 5 second will be added if only one hind foot is caught.

Cowgirls Barrel Racing

This event is when a horse and rider run a cloverleaf pattern around 3 barrels as fast as possible. It takes a skilled horse and rider to succeed because there are penalties for knocking over barrels or breaking the pattern. Fastest time wins.

Bull Riding

Referred to as "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports," this event places a rider on a bucking bull by holding on with one hand. Riders must reach the eight-second mark and keep their free hand off the bull or themselves to score. 100 is the maximum points available, and most pros score in the mid-70s to high 80s.

In addition to our exhilarating events, we also crown one champion the All-Around winner. This prize goes to the cowboy or cowgirl that wins the most points in more than one event.

Learn more about our events when you get in touch with us today.