Southeastern Professional Rodeo Association

The SPRA would like to welcome our newest corporate partner, Scott Evans Dodge,
Chrysler, Jeep, Ram located in Carrollton Georgia. 1-888-799-1134. Contact Scott or
Skyler for all of your vehicle needs.


May 6-7, 2016 Madisonville, TN SPRA/IPRA
12th Annual Sequoah FFA
Added Money:
$300.00 per event, $500.00 BB, BR Entry Fee: $50.00 Performance: 7:30PM EST Books Open:
May 2
Call In Time: 6:00PM-10:00PM EST Call In Number: 865-556-9154 Directions: Hwy. 411, Sequoah High
Ground Rules: Permits if needed. Stock Contractor: Hedrick Rodeo Company

May 6-7, 2016 Jasper, GA IPRA/SPRA
7th Annual Pickens County Stampede Rodeo
Added Money
: $900.00 per event Entry Fee: $60.00 Performance: 8:00PM EST Slack: After each perf Books
Wed April 27 Call In Time: 8:00AM-5:00PM Call In Number: 1-800-639-9002 Directions: Sacketts
Arena 100 Shelby Lane
Ground Rules: Permits if needed. Negative Coggins Required. Must ride in grand entry.
Stock Contractor: Southern Rodeo Company

Southeastern Professional Rodeo Association was founded by
contestants for contestants.

Southeastern Professional Rodeo Association
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