Jan. 1, 2018 -  Contractors must submit a current membership application before any
rodeos will be listed on the schedule.

April 2016 -  In 2016 each stock contractor can select 1-2 rodeos (first approved only)
to be INCENTIVE RODEOS. Incentive rodeos will have normal SPRA payout but the
payout will double in the standings only. Example: $500 won in an event will show as
$1,000 on the standings.

11-2-15 Meeting will be held to count ballots for the SPFR and to discuss rule
changes/proposals for 2016, new business, and old business. Anyone is welcome to
attend. Sunday Nov. 11 @ 2pm at Jim & Nicks 2831 Greystone Commercial Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35242

BOD Meeting Saturday, June 13 11am in Moulton, AL at Mel's Restaurant (Stockyards).
All directors are requested to attend or send a qualified representative. Note: Not all
events had a director present.
RULE CHANGE 2016: All contractors wishing to co-
approve rodeos with the SPRA MUST do at least one (1) first approved rodeo.

Do you want to be a sponsor of the SPRA? Contact an event director for details!!!
Event Directors are responsible for selling buckle and saddle sponsorships in 2015.

The SPRA is proud to announce its partnership with the Rodeo News in 2015. Each
member will receive a copy with a paid membership.

How to qualify for the SPFR: Must attend a total of 6 rodeos with 2 of those being
SPRA first approved (SPRA, SPRA/IPRA), be in the top 15, cleared of any fines. If you
are qualified in more than 1 event you must have your outs in both events.

*** REMINDER: Must attend 6 rodeos (and be top 15 in standings) to qualify for
SPFR. Two (2) of those rodeos must be first sanctioned SPRA rodeos.***

Rodeo Entry
17. Any suspended person must clear fines through the SPRA office before
he/she will be allowed to enter a rodeo. Anyone accepting the entry of
a suspended person will be subject to $25.00 fine plus liable for the
entry fee of that person at that rodeo.

5. The SPRA office must receive all entry fees, fines, and other money due
to the Association within ten days of the infraction or
turnout (no show), or an
additional $25.00 late fine will be automatically applied.

Dress Code Rule Change
All contestants must wear long sleeve shirt with collar and buttons. Appearance must be